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    What’s worse than the guy who clearly skips leg day at the gym? The guy who hasn’t seen moisturizer since he was an infant. You have no idea how much dry, wrinkled and sagging skin can age even the fittest of men. Men who don’t take care of their skin are immediately discarded from the “men get better with age” conversation. No one wants to be discarded from that conversation. When it comes to staying healthy, men love to talk about fitness and eating right. We tell anyone who will listen about the wonders of crossfit and intermittent fasting. We overshare about the virtues of exercising regularly and we even add supplements to make sure we’re giving our bodies exactly what they need, because an Instagram post said X amount of vitamins = optimal health. Too often, however, men neglect taking care of a specific body part that is essential to good health: our skin. (Don’t worry this is not an article advocating for injections and facelifts. We’d never steer any man in that direction.)

    Skincare gets a bad rap amongst men. It (unfairly) frequently gets lumped into the “beauty” category and, as a result, becomes a topic of only feminine concern. But what about us guys? We have skin, and our skin has specific issues that need to be addressed as well. On top of that, whenever skincare for men does come into the conversation, our products are always centered on shaving, getting clean, or making us not smell like, well, men.

    We get products that are mainly concerned with facial hair, that over strip our skin, and that are packed with skin-irritating fragrances. Unlike women, we can get away with a simple skincare routine because our skin is thicker and less prone to sensitivity. Because I’m passionate about feeling and looking my best from head to toe, I spent a couple of weeks researching the ideal skincare routine for men. To my surprise and delight, I discovered LifeCell. An All-in-One Skin Tightening Treatment that despite the intense name, is an easy-to-use cream. After finding my way down the rabbithole of reviews, I placed an order and decided to give the product a shot. 

    LifeCell is supposed to replace five skincare products: wrinkle cream, eye cream, serum, moisturizer, and dark spot treatment. Of these five products, I really only need two, but the added three is a great bonus. Even if I don’t have apparent dark spots, that doesn’t mean I won’t get them in the future, so using something now feels like I’m doing good in terms of prevention.

    In addition to being super easy to use, LifeCell is also effective. Even if you’re not one to be persuaded by reviews, the ingredient list alone is enough to back up every claim LifeCell makes for their product. It’s made with Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, DMAE and Matrixyl 3000. Each of these ingredients has been proven to give sagging skin a tighter, firmer look, smooth out wrinkles, speed up exfoliation, and ramp up collagen production. The latter being of the utmost importance considering our bodies stop naturally producing collagen after the age of 25. No collagen = sagging skin. Retinol happens to be the only FDA approved ingredient to treat wrinkles and sagging skin. It’s backed by years of research, and just so happens to be at the very top of the ingredient list.

    Feeling confident in how we look is a critical part of leading a healthy and fulfilling life. Like it or not, our skin plays an important role that quest. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m 99.9% sure your skin could use some help. If not, you wouldn’t have gotten this far 😉If you’re interested in trying out LifeCell, they’re currently running a limited time promotion for our readers. Click this link to get your 30 Day Trial of LifeCell All-in-One Anti-Aging Treatment. Right now, all you have to pay is the cost of shipping. This offer is limited and won’t last forever. By using our exclusive link, you pay just the cost of shipping. Don’t forget to come back and let us know about your results! As with all skincare products, everyone is different and results may vary and are not always guaranteed.

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